The World Cup

I feel exactly like John Oliver. We even reconnected Astro (our cable) in order to watch the games. In a complete state of desperation we reconnected it, by the way.

Me: “I haven’t missed a World Cup in like 12 years.”
Steve: “I know. I’m not sure these highlights are going to cut it.”
Me: “I think we need to reconnect Astro or I’m gonna be at a mamak stall (24 hour outdoor eateries that would be chock full of foreign laborers also watching the game) at 2:30AM!”
Steve: “Yeah, we probably should reconnect Astro.”

This video is worth every minute by the way!

TWG…No, I’m not shorthand texting

It's raining. It's pouring. Bring on the tea!

When it’s raining in the afternoon, and by the way these days it rains every afternoon, I find myself hankering after a cuppa hot steaming tea. I like them all, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Herbal, Chai, Vanilla, etc. etc. Today was one such day and I found stashed in the cupboards a most uncommon sight – A tasting box of TWG tea bags. Being that I’m too tight to actually splurge for my favorite tea brand (I consider TWG an indulgence) I was delighted to find said stash. I didn’t even want to ask how it got there. I simply tucked in.

In my humble opinion TWG makes the best Chamomile tea. You can see the chamomile flowers through the cotton bag once it is wet – Big huge flowers infusing my tea with lovely calming goodness. The sachets are hand-sewn cotton bags and I’m sure that inflates the price a bit. Simply said, TWG is fancy tea!

TWG is a Singaporean tea brand and it stands for The Wellness Group. Their business model has flourished beyond just teas as they now have cafes where you can enjoy quite good gastronomic fare. If you are in the  U.S. apparently Dean and Deluca’s stock the goodness, so if you like tea be sure to check it out.

English Brekkie? Yes, please. French Earl Grey? Oooh Fancy! Chamomile? Why thank you!

English Brekkie? Yes, please. French Earl Grey? Oooh Fancy! Chamomile? Why thank you!

They just want to make sure you get it right. No need to waste all that good tea!

Instructions boldly featured on the box. They just want to make sure you get it right. No need to waste all that good tea!

Hand-sewn cotton tea bags

Hand-sewn cotton tea bags

Electric kettle. Check!

Electric kettle. Check!

By the way, in the essence of keeping it real (what this blog is supposed to be about), I will confess that this cup of tea ended up dumped on the dinner table. Yep, I sat down with my cup to join the boys for their dinner and in the process of reaching to help R I knocked over my cup. Tea went flying. I nearly burnt R with hot expensive herbal water. Boooooo! How anticlimactic.

Obama…”World’s #1 Terrorist” – is coming to Malaysia!

One nuance of living across from the U.S. embassy is the constant protests that take place at this location. 

For example:


This protest took place after the U.S. Embassy attack in Benghazi attack and also partly in response to the same video that prompted the embassy attack in the first place. 

Yesterday’s protest was preempting Obama’s visit to Malaysia. I can’t be certain how many turned out for this one as by the time I got home the crowd had dwindled to this:Image 

P.S., that’s not American flags they are holding. It’s the Malaysian flag that looks similar as it WAS modeled after the U.S. flag. Having also obtained independence from British colonialism (though much later than 1776 – 1957 to be exact), they admired the U.S. model of democracy and used the U.S. flag as their template.


Photo credit: IUFAN417 via Photobucket

Small or big, most protests against Israel, in support of Palestine, in support of Syria, or any other protest worthy event generally take place in front of the U.S. embassy as Israel has no presence in the country and the U.S. is Israel’s biggest ally. We’ve seen nearly five years of protests and we’ve come to appreciate their nuances.

  • They generally always take place on Fridays after prayers.
  • They must be pre approved by giving 10 days notice to the police as stipulated by the Peaceful Assembly Act of 2012.
  • They are mostly attended by men.
  • The media will always make them seem bigger than what they are.

I digress, I’m not entirely certain of all the reasons why some Malaysians felt the need to protest Obama’s arrival. But I got to see one person’s opinion in the form of art. As I was walking to the train station in the evening I saw this discarded in the bushes. It made me chuckle. It’s not every day you see something like this and I wonder why someone would put forth so much effort only to casually chuck it aside once their event was over. Well, to whomever made this, here is your work on display. Except to me your work is ironic. And it is with a high level of sarcasm that I ask, “Really? Are you quite sure about that?”


Bird’s Nest

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the amazing spectacle unfolding on my friend Julie’s porch. A bird built a nest in one of their potted plants. Said bird laid eggs. Said eggs hatched and this is what greeted me today when I peeked into the nest.


I was enthralled. I kept going back. I couldn’t stop marveling. They are so vulnerable. So perfect. So intelligently designed by an amazing and detail oriented creator. Thank you God for a very tangible reminder that none of this happened by mere coincidence. It’s simply too perfect!